Have you ever thought…. ??

Why Prophet Ibrahim left his beloved wife and son in the middle of the hot desert?

Why the Mother and Prophet Ismail obeyed without any fuss?

Why Hajar ran from Safra and Marwa to search for water to give to her son?

Why Prophet Ibrahim was ordered to slaughter Prophet Ismail?

Why he had difficulties to accomplish the mission?

Why Prophet Ismail was prepared?

Why did he respond: “Father, do what you have been ordered to do. You shall find me, God willing, among the patient".

Why Prophet Ibrahim fulfilled the command and ALLAH grant them a sheep from Heaven?

Why Muslims spend so much effort and money to perform their Hajj – while Hajj is actually ‘a path to the Hereafter’?

It’s all because of LOVE…


LOVE to our loved ones; family and friends..

LOVE among Muslims…

ALLAH’s tests are indicators of HIS LOVE

Tests of Submission and Obedience..

He gave us Eid-ul Adha because of LOVE

Eid-ul Adha; the Feast of Sacrifice..

Praise be to Allah S.W.T…

For this feast of commitment, obedience and self-sacrifice to Him

For the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today are the results of the sacrifices of those before us…

For our only sacrifice is to seek HIS LOVE…

Feel the POWER of LOVE!

what Muslimah Mothers must be..

He needs love, care and protection. He needs a sweet lullaby, daily bath and cuddle when he cries. He is my heart.. - little baby Strong Mujahid.

Everything needs PATIENCES.

Never never NEVER GIVE UP.

Do your Best and let Allah do the Rest (TAWAKKAL).

Ya Allah give my Heart.

The story of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh,



We hope that the name Muhammad Al-Fateh given to our first child will always be prayer for him. May Allah grant him the good characteristics of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh and select him to be His Faithful Slave.......

Muhammad - "Praised, lauded, commended, praiseworthy. Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632) ; Messenger of Allah who preached the faith of Islam."

Fateh - "One who eases difficulties, conqueror."

The barakah of naming a child after the beloved name of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam):Rasoolullah (Sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam) said: “Whoever is named after me with the hope of being blessed, he will be blessed and will be in peace till the Day of Qiyaamah.”


Alhamdulillah, SubhanALlah and Allahu Akbar!

Alhamdulillah, The birth of our Strong Mujahid
30 October 2008
11 Zulkaedah 1430H
6.35PM Friday
2.9 kg
Hospital Sultanah Aminah. Johor Bahru

May Allah give us strength to be Good Muslims

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w, "Sesungguhnya Allah akan
bertanya setiap penanggungjawab akan tanggungjawabnya,
apakah dia telah memeliharanya ataupun mensia-siakannya."
(HR Ibn Hibban)

Jagalah harga dirimu kerana Islam memuliakan Wanita.

Allah SWT mengampunkan dosa IBU yang melahirkan bayi...
Jihad kaum WANITA adalah jihad mengandung dan melahirkan...
Syurga di bawah tapak kaki IBU...
Tanggungjawab ISTERI kepada suami dan IBU kepada anak...
moga ALLAH nilai setiap saat pengorbananmu.

Far away... long ago
Things I always remember,
and a voice whispered so,
"We love you forever..."

But the past is treasured,
Nature holds its keys.
The vast blue sky lays far,
like the distance between us.
The one single glowing moon,
like lonely me and my loneliness..

Allah guides me to unveil
this truth: "Give thanks
unto Me and thy parents....,
unto Me is the journeying.."
(Loqman: 14)

Wisdom was what you gave,
with that I untangle this maze..

The secrets of Before unfolds,
as time and universe grows.
The warm dazzling sun,
like the warmth of your hug
for any good I've done..
The deep glittering silver sea,
like the depth of your love for me..

Mom, Dad...
Oh Lord! Have mercy on both of them
as they cherished me in my childhood...

P.S I Luv U!

-- scan at week 17

MasyaALLAH! a magical experience... for the pass 4 months, I went through hardships of the 'all-day sickness' and now I can see the visualization of the baby. It was a remarkable scene - Praise be to Allah. A man-to-be inside my tummy...... Even when the doctor pressed my tummy a bit hard, I could ignore the pain and adore the beautiful creation in the screen.. Allah designed man as the His best creation. The creation and the process is so beautiful and preserved within the guidelines of Islam.

"Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould) ...." (Surah At-Tin: 4)

I could see the little one moving. SubhanALlah! I could see his small face (as in the picture) even though not in details but the black and white picture gives me Hope and Faith in His promises... I could see his two legs and arms.. May Allah design him with the best akhlaq and select him to be His pious slave..

I would like to quote a Week-by-week guide to Pregnancy for Week 17,


17 weeks pregnant

You may be gaining weight rapidly at this point, even if you're not eating much. Experts say that the amount of weight you put on during pregnancy is dictated primarily by your genes, so don't necessarily blame yourself if the weight's accumulating faster than you'd like. Your baby's movements are felt as a gentle,fluttering sensation at first, but get stronger and more obvious as time passes. Some babies kick vigorously and often, others are quieter. And many seem most active at night!

Thank you Allah...
Each and every little experience He gave me...
Are more attraction and strength
for me to Praise and Submit to Him more.

"Our Rabb! and make us both Muslims to You, and from our offspring a nation Muslims to You, and show us our ways of dedication, and turn towards us. You indeed, You are the oft-Returning, most Rewarding." (Surah Al-Baqarah:128)

-- 'All-day sickness'

Dear Notebook,

I wish to record my experience of my first pregnancy... hehe.. hopefully this will be a joyful memory to be remembered and shared. WaAllahualam..

Week 20 or equivalent to 5 months of pregnancy; I am still with the morning sickness and everything. I rather call all it an all-day sickness because I can get sick at any time of the day. According to my mother's experience, she went through 3 months of the morning sickness. It seems like I add a few months of my mother's experience... the sickness wares off as my baby approaches 5 months.. Praise be to Allah! Finally I can enjoy my meals....

During the duration of my 'all-day sicknesses', I had problems with my meals... Some food I take can cause the vomiting and sometimes it happens when I eat at the wrong time or with the wrong amount. It is so hard to adapt to the new way of eating for I rarely eat during my student life. Even tough mother and my friends always advice or even scold me because of not eating. I don't know why, to me, eating falls in my lowest priority of tasks.. and during my pregnancy.... I really really regret it!

Even during my early life in our marriage, I still haven't changed my habit of eating. Except that my hubby usually takes breakfast..so I will accompany him. Apart from that - little improvement - we will take another meal at the end of the day (my time to take the meal of the day). A total of 2 times a day of meal, compared to only once a day.

But Allah loves me and guided me to improve my eating habits.. I felt that I was actually taught by the growing baby in my tummy. SubhanALlah! By His gloriousness, I had to eat more frequently but in smaller amounts. And I had to watch what I eat to avoid being sick and wasting all the food I take (and most important, the food my hubby bought for me). Sometimes I try cooking at home, but sadly I tend to lose my appetite when it comes to the second serving. If I skip a meal the tendency to vomit is very high because air will fill my stomach and overflows, bringing everything inside, out....... :-(

Eating was never a problem to me, when and what I eat does not matter. Allah gave me a little opportunity to lose appetite, or in our culture - tak lalu makan. In addition, I had to change my eating habits. Maybe it was better for my to eat this way. Now, apart from fasting, I will take breakfast, lunch and another light meal before or after Maghrib. And I still take small snacks in between if I feel hungry.

Thus, we should know what we eat, eat what is good for us and not too much... WaAllahualam..
Ibn ’Umar related that the Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “The believer eats in one stomach whilst the disbeliever eats in seven.” [Related by al-Bukhaaree (no. 5081) and Muslim (no. 2060)]

The Prophet said, “The son of Aadam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Aadam to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air.” [Saheeh: Related by at-Tirmidhee (no. 1381)and Ibn Maajah (no. 3349). It was authenticated by Shaykh Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee in Silsilatul-Ahaadeethus-Saheehah (no. 2265).]

Nota Ringkas

Bahagian B – Penamaan Anak

1. Waktu?

Hari ke-7 (boleh juga lebih awal)

Rasulullah s.a.w: "Setiap budak tergantung dengan aqiqahnya, disembelihkan untuknya pada hari ketujuh dan dinamakan serta dicukurkan kepalanya."

2. Pemilihan nama

Nama yang Baik + Indah,

Rasulullah s.a.w: "Kamu sekalian di Hari Kiamat akan dipanggil dengan nama-nama kamu dan nama-nama bapa-bapa kamu, maka hendaklah kamu memperelok nama-nama kamu."

Nama2 yang Allah suka: Abdullah, Abdu ArRahman, nama2 para Nabi + menunjukkan tanda kehambaan kpd Allah,

Rasulullah s.a.w: "Sebaik-baik nama kamu di sisi Allah azzawajalla ialah Abdullah dan Abdur Rahman."

Nama2 yang patut dijauhi:

  1. Jauhi nama2 merendahkan kehormatan anak, bole jadi bahan ejekan / sungutan. ('Ashiyah - penderhaka)

  2. Jauhi nama2 bermaksud kesialan (Hazan - dukacita)

  3. Jauhi nama2 khusus Allah Ta'ala (Al-Ahad - Yang Esa, Ash-Shamad - Tempat meminta....)*

  4. Jauhi nama2 bombastik - kemewahan, nasib yang baik utk elak kekeruhan ketika dipanggil. Nama2 yang dilarang: Aflah (sgt bejaya), Nafi' (sgt berguna), Rabbah (sgt beruntung), Yassar (sgt mewah)**

  5. Jauhi nama2 hamba selain dari Allah (Abdul Uzza - hamba Uzza, Abdun Nabi - hamba Nabi)

  6. Jauhi nama2 bermaksud mengada-ngada, ikut2 orang Kafir (Hayaam, Hyfa, Nahad, Susan, Miyadah, Nariman, Ghadah, Ahlaam...)

*Rasulullah s.a.w: "Orang yang paling dimurkai Allah di Hari Kiamat dan sangat dibencinya ialah seorang lelaki yang dipanggil 'Malikul-amlaak' (Raja segala yang empunya), tiada yang lebih empunya kecuali Allah."

**Rasulullah s.a.w: "...Janganlah kamu namakan anakmu Yasar, Rabah, atau Najihan, atau Aflah, kerana kau akan berkata: Apakah betul dia itu begitu? Sebenarnya dia tidak, maka nanti akan dijawab: Dia tidak. Hanya sanya nama2 itu empat, dan jangan kamu tanya aku banyak2."

3. Sunat dengan pakaian "Abu"

Memberi nama kun-yahnya, panggilan dengan 'Abu' (Abu Umair, Abu Hamzah....) walaupun tidak mempunyai anak bernama sedemikian. Kebiasaannya kun-yahnya diambil dari nama anak lelakinya yang sulung.

Pemberian nama dan kun-yah:

a. Lebih berhak menentukan nama ialah ayah, kerana anak itu menurut keturunan ayah, bukan ibu.

"Panggillah mereka dengan (nama) kepada bapa-bapa mereka, itulah yang lebih adil di sisi Allah." (Surah Al-Ahzab: 5)

b. Jangan panggil anak dengan nama yang tidak baik. (si pendek, si bisu...)

"..Dan jangan memanggil dengan gelaran-gelaran (yan mengandungi keji)." (Surah Al-Hujurat: 11)

c. Nama Muhammad dan panggilan Abu Qasim

Rasulullah s.a.w: "Namakanlah (anak-anak kamu dengan namaku, tetapi jangan beri kun-yah dengan kun-yahku. Hanyasanya aku ni Qasim an aku mengadili antara kamu."

Pendapat 1: Makruh gelar dengan gelaran Nabi s.a.w, Imam Syafi'e

Pendapat 2: Mubah / bole. menganggap hadis larangan telah dimansuhkan, Imam Malik

Pendapat 3: Harus tidak menggunakan nama dan gelaran sekali.

Rasulullah s.a.w: "Sesiapa yang memakai namaku, jangan memakai kun-yahku. Dan siapa yang memakai kun-yahku, janganlah memakai namaku."

Pendapat 4: Dilarang memakai kun-yah khusus pada masa hayat Nabi s.a.w. Maka hukumnya, harus - Imam Malik.

- in the exam hall..

Ish...ish.. Oh Allah…I am so sad” The midterm marks are evaluated and no chance to increase it, no errors in the markings. “How was your exam?” “Was the paper easy? – Surely you did them excellently!” a very sensitive question but a norm to us students. Attached to it are answers such as: “Okla, plus minus…surely you are better.” Moreover, some would utter, “Please don’t ask...” – not sure whether negative or positive.

These are sweet and sour obstacles of a student’s life. Either pass or fail; a two twist of fate that is actually unpredictable. We can strive hard to achieve the best but even so, above that are Allah’s plans. The truth is that we cannot run from frustrations, depressions and miseries because we are human beings designed as His creation. The piece of us that weakens the strengths to struggle and filter the iradah from Allah swt. Why do we feel sad?

Oh heart, don’t feel sad, do not be depress. Allah never has and will never test us with what we are unable to endure. This is His promise. If we pass or fail, it is to be quantified by Allah’s measuring scale, not ours. Let us check ourselves, are we sad, frustrate of what we have done followed by the spirit to improve? Do we have the force to prove the success we should gain in each hardship?

Do not be sad… Only those who are not Mukmin should feel the misery, not us for we have Allah swt to judge with the most acute measure. There are two types of sadness faced by humankind. One is al-Hazan, the feeling of sadness that has occurred in our past and remembered. The second is al-Hamun, arrive from something that has not happened but stressed by the thought that it will take place.

With two types of sadness, are two different ways to face it. First, one thinks so hard about one’s problem. This is what a person with a weak soul and faith would do. On the other hand, those who have a strong and noble soul, who are clear in heart, they would think beyond the problem, which is to think and plan the way out. They think to solve and they act to improve. They give themselves hundreds of reasons why they must obtain knowledge. They convince themselves it is their jihad. In reality it is Allah we are seeking via this quest for knowledge. Is that not the highest possible goal? Is that not sufficient to drive a believer’s heart?

Let us be knowledge seekers that think and strive to make our path clear to save the ummah. A Muslim student should have faith in Allah swt. Let us put our maximum efforts to learn lillah, for Allah swt. With this intention, pray that Allah will grant us success in life and the hereafter. We are to make our success as a success of Islam. This is the foremost important preparation to the examinations to come.

*Most universities are having / approaching the Exam period... For IIU students especially and my two brothers taking Medicine and Law.. May ALlah help all of you..and give you the Best results.. All the Best! Gambatte! :-)

Nota Ringkas: Hukum2 Umum bagi Anak yang baru dilahirkan
Abdullah Nasih Ulwan

Bahagian A - Kelahiran Anak

1. Ucapan Selamat + Gembira


"Semoga engkau diberkahi dalam apa yang telah diberikan kepadamu. Semoga engkau bersyukur kepada yang memberi. Semoga engkau diberi rezeki dengan kebaikannya dan semoga ia mencapai masa balighnya.."

Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah

"Wahai Zakariya! Sesungguhnya Kami menggembirakan kau dengan seorang anak, namanya Yahya, Kami belum pernah sebelum itu menjadikan nama itu."

(Surah Maryam: 7)

2. Azan + Iqamah

Azan; teliga kanan

Qamat; teliga kiri

..... memelihara dari bahaya / syaitan (umm shibyan)

Dari Ibn Abbas, "Bahawasanya Nabi s.a.w telah mengazankan di teliga Al-Hasan bin Ali di hari ia dilahirkan, kemudian diiqamatkan pula di teliganya yang kiri."

3. Menggosok langit2 bayi, Tahnik

Mengunyah kurma dan menggosokkan di langit2 bayi

kurma - manisan, spt madu

afdhal: dilakukan oleh seorang yang soleh dan taqwa, berkat

Abu Musa r.a: "Aku pernah mendapat seorg anak lelaki, maka aku pun membawanya kepada Rasulullah s.a.w maka dinamakannya Ibrahim, kemudian ditahnikkannya dengan kurma, lalu didoakannya agar dicucuri berkat, kemudian dia pun menyerahkannya kepadaku.."

(Sahih Bukhari dan Sahih Muslim)

4. Mencukur rambut

Hari ke-7:

cukur rambut + sedekahkan perak kepada fakir miskin seberat timbangan rambut bayi

Dari Muhammad bin Ali bin Al-Hussein r.a: "Rasulullah s.a.w telah membuat aqiqah dengan seekor kambing untuk Al-Hasan. Kemudian sabda baginda: 'Wahai Fatimah! Cukurlah rambutnya dan sedeqahkan dengan seberat rambut itu perak. Maka Fatimah pun menimbang rambut itu yang beratnya sekira-kira satu dirham, ataupun setengah dirham.'.."

My Wedding Pearls

A REMINDER for me.. and
Specially for those who are getting married.. ;->
and also for those who have..

May ALlah guide us to step to the next STEP.

Muslim children

Alhamdulillah... Praise is only to You, for giving me the chance to feel and go through what mothers have been going through.. in other words.. He has given me the chance to become a MOTHER..

Being just a humble slave, as every stage of my life - from a toddler to a teenager.. and finally into an adult - passes by, I thought Allah was going to call me earlier.. but He knows BEST..

He gave me the chance to become a teenager - to think and choose, what and who I want to be..
He gave me the chance to reach adulthood - to utilize my strength for amal islami... to be a worker
and now he has chosen me to wait a few more days to be titled "a MOTHER"

Mother.. not just a nurse or a doctor to my baby,
but the most important role is a Murabbi, a teacher, an example to the little one.
They are your "Personal Mad'u"s..

May Allah guide me through.

Some advices to face the Day:

"Kena mindsetting bersalin tak sakit ttp nikmat dan proses yg perlu utk lahirkan rijal/ulamak/mujihad dan ready utk terus breastfeed..." - Makcik Norliza

"Hanya Allah yang bersama kita mase bersalin nanti, samada akhi di sisi atau tak..." - K. Amirah

"Banyakkan minum air kelapa dan macam biasa, banyakkan baca quran dan berdoa.." - Noor Laila

"Minta ayahnya berunding masa dan bagaimana nak lahir..." - K. Asfa

*Thank you for all the advices.. there are more... insyaALLAH i'll try to put them into words.

Anak ku

Ku didik kau dari dalam kandungan

Kuajak kau berkata-kata

Ku beritahu kemana kita pergi

Sedang kau berada dalam gelap

Alam sebelum lahir

Ku pakaikan kau tudung sebelum kau baligh

Wajahmu comel seperti patung

Terutamanya dengan mini telekung

Agar kau tidak tercemar dari dulu hingga dipanggil pulang

Agar tudung menjadi sebahagian dirimu



Satu satunya

Permata di hatiku

Harapan masa depanku

Ku harap doamu

Kuharap belaimu

Ku harap kunjunganmu

Ku harap sokopnganmu

Ku harap penghantaranmu kealam baqak

Ku doakan

Kebahagian dalam rumahtangga yg kau bena

Ku harapkan

Taqwa jua menjadi pedoman perjalanannya

Hari ini

Kau diijabqabulkan

Mulai saat ini

Kau bergelar isteri

Hidup berumahtangga

Sangat bahagia

Jika iman dan takwa

tiang penyerinya

Walau banyak cobaan

Iman dan takwa dapat membantu mengatasinya.



*Something to share.. these are the magical words from a heart of a dear mother when her only daughter was getting married..

-- silence is medicating --

Days passing...
Minutes and Seconds goes by
as the clock ticks..

I'm still thinking what to share..
but Silence is a Medication
and also a Boost

Thinking of the Square One
i took....
with the birth of Dear Notebook

Thus, to step to the Next Step
InsyaALlah with more Faith
in His Promise and self improvement..

Alihkan matamu ke laut,
airnya cantik membiru dan penuh ketenangan,
tapi hanya ALlah saja yang tahu rahsia di dalamnya..
begitulah dengan kehidupan manusia,
riang ketawa tapi hanya ALlah yang tahu rahsia kehidupannya..
jika kau kecewa, pandanglah ke sungai,
airnya mengalir biar berjuta batu menghalang.
jika kau sedih, pandanglah ke langit,
kau akan sedar bahawa ALlah sentiasa bersamamu..
saayang anti... (",)

Zainab Dzakaria -- 09/10/06 -- 06:13:23am

Adakah kau lupa
Kita pernah berjaya
Adakah kau lupa
Kita pernah berkuasa

Memayungi 2 per 3 dunia
Merentas benua
Melayari samudera
Keimanan juga ketaqwaan
Rahsia mereka capai kejayaan

Majulah wahai anak bangsa
Kita bina kekuatan jiwa
Tempuh semangat perjuangan
Majulah wahai anak bangsa
Kita bina kekuatan jiwa
Tempuh rintangan perjuangan

Generasi yang silam
Membawa arus perubahan
Keikhlasan hati dan nurani
Ketulusan jiwa mereka berjuang

Keikhlasan hati dan nurani
Ketulusan jiwa Mereka berjuang
Adakah kau lupa.....
Sejarah Telah mengajar kita
Budaya Islam di serata dunia
Membina tamadun berjaya
Merubah mengangkat maruah

Adakah kau lupa
Kita pernah berjaya
Adakah kau lupa
Kita pernah berkuasa
Memayungi 2 per 3 dunia
Merentas benua
Melayari samudera
Keimanan juga ketaqwaan
Rahsia mereka capai kejayaan
Adakah kau lupa.... (3x)

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