-- Sketches of True Beauty
SKETCH - do you know what it means?

Google Translate, Sketch is "Sketsa" (But I rather translate it more to 
"conteng yang menjadi")

Dictionary.Com, Sketch [pronounced as 'skech']

a simply or hastily executed drawing or painting, especially 
apreliminary one, giving the essential features without thedetails.
a rough design, plan, or draft, as of a book.
a brief or hasty outline of facts, occurrences, etc.: a sketchof his life.
a short, usually descriptive, essay, historyor story.
a short play or slight dramatic performance, as one formingpart 
of a vaudeville program.
–verb (used with object)
to make a sketch of.
to set forth in a brief or general account: He sketched 
his own part in the affair.
Metallurgy (in a steel mill or the like) to mark (a piece) forcutting.
–verb (used without object)
to make a sketch or sketches.

-- Sketches of Adorableness
Thesaurus @ Dictionary.Reference.Com, Sketch

Part of Speech:noun
Definition:drawing, outline
Synonyms:accountadumbration, aperçu, blueprintcartoon, 
chart, compendiumconfigurationcopy,delineation
depictiondescriptiondesign,diagram, digestdoodle,
draftfiguration, figure,formillustrationlikeness
monograph, painting,picturepieceplanportrayal,
précis, report,representationroughshapeskeleton, 
summary,surveysyllabus, versionvignette

Part of Speech:verb
Definition:draw, outline
Synonyms:adumbrateblock out, blueprint*, chalk,characterizechart, 
delineatedepictdescribe,design, detaildevelopdiagram, 
doodle, draft,lay out, linemap out, paintplan, plot
portray,representrough out, skeleton, skeletonize, trace
-- Just beautiful

I like to sketch what I see
I like to sketch what I love
it makes me appreciate them more
with my pencil in my hand
I will go line by line
dot by dot...

To ensure that I will appreciate
what I sketch and 
the Creator of my sketches.

(emm... if this looks like I appreciate both in the same level, for ALLAH swt. should be First and Above all then I have to say: )

Masha Allah, la quwwata illa biLlah!

"What Allah willed (has occurred) there is no power except in Allah"? (Al-Kahfi: 39)

Kenangan di Tasik Pesona, Durian Tunggal, Melaka

- sungguh, Alam ciptaanNya penuh dengan Ketenangan

Pesan Pak ArBi:

"Kita pergi / datang sesuatu tempat dengan dalam jiwa, INGIN MEMBERI sesuatu bukan untuk MENDAPAT sesuatu, InsyaALLAH bila kita datang dengan niat untuk memperoleh sesuatu, kita akan kecewa bila tak dapat apa yang kita 'expect'....Bila kita ingin sentiasa memberi, kita akan lebih tenang dan berpuas hati, sebab bergantung kepada kita sebanyak mana kita hendak beri.." (ou kama qol, lebey kurang katanye)

Dalam kata lain:


- dan peringatan bagi mereka yang berfikir, berakal dan bersyukur

Thank You ALLAH!

My Forever Favorite Friends
... are my Friends
... who Reminds me of Allah
... who Reminds me of Al-Akhirah
... who Reminds me of Al-Haq and As-Sobr

My Friends becomes my Favorite Friends
that is when our hearts are linked by Ukhuwwah Islamiyyah
Friendship For Allah.
so we can be gathered together
on That Day - the Day of Judgement
as those who Love each other
only for the sake of Allah.
only to gain His Redha.

Owh Allah Al-Mighty All-Loving, Please grant Your Love and Blessing upon My Favorite Friends.

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