Dear Notebook,

When something is lost or gone, then we value it more. This is the nature of man, that is hard to be thankful to ALLAH for the nikmats given, being thankful of the life and the scenario drawn by ALLAH. “Apa jua ujian yang ALLAH beri adalah tanda kasih sayang dan perhatianNYA kepada kita…” Yes, a task for HIS slaves to value the things and luxuries HE gave in this world. Are we thankful? Or were we arrogant with the little difference? And forget that everything belongs to the one and only Creator, ALLAH S.W.T.?  

            This is the task, given to those who ALLAH prescribed to be able to face and encounter it. Sometimes the heart refuses to overcome it – feeling weak and bearing in mind that the task is an impossible mission. Oh my heart….

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