In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Loving

Now we are back in Malaysia with a totally new story. Every moment endured was Tarbiyah from The Beloved Allah swt as a known plot for His slaves.

From these ups and downs Allah swt granted us Happiness of two more cutie pies.

InsyaAllah I would like to save the search of their names.

Baby F #3 is Gleaming Saabirah with the name Fadwa Aabida from my humble search,

The meaning of the name is refered from

Baby F #4 is Peaceful Joy named Fakhrunnisaa.

She is,

The meaning of her name was suggested by,

What do we call "home"
HOME is where you live
Home is where you are together
Home is where you feel happy
This is our home now
But soon will not be
For we are flying home......
May Allah ease our tasks
And permits the best of HIS plans for us.
Countdown, 18 days to go!
HOME is Malaysia in this world.
Hopefully we have time to please YOU more before returning to YOU - all creations' final destination in the next world.

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