Far away... long ago
Things I always remember,
and a voice whispered so,
"We love you forever..."

But the past is treasured,
Nature holds its keys.
The vast blue sky lays far,
like the distance between us.
The one single glowing moon,
like lonely me and my loneliness..

Allah guides me to unveil
this truth: "Give thanks
unto Me and thy parents....,
unto Me is the journeying.."
(Loqman: 14)

Wisdom was what you gave,
with that I untangle this maze..

The secrets of Before unfolds,
as time and universe grows.
The warm dazzling sun,
like the warmth of your hug
for any good I've done..
The deep glittering silver sea,
like the depth of your love for me..

Mom, Dad...
Oh Lord! Have mercy on both of them
as they cherished me in my childhood...

P.S I Luv U!

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