MasyaALlah, I've also been Tagged...
by Humayra - JazakLlahukhair!

Usually I will just delete any "Tagged" email. Even though it says that I must respond or else the sender may think I'm not their friend. I truly believe that our friendship does not require any declaration or network on the Internet because we believe in Ukhwwah FiLlah.. friendship only for the sake of Allah.. Apart from that, I'm just avoiding any social networks such as Facebook, Tagged or as such. There are many more... I'm only a member of, insyaALLAH a social network that I feel hmmm safe I suppose :) waAllahualam..

Just to share.. something about Facebook

.... ok back to my TAG ;) it's so easy - this is so exciting!

The rule is....

1. copy the picture below, and paste it on your post.
(or.. copy the whole post if you want - up to you... the most important thing is that the message is spread insyaALLAH)

2. Tag 10 friends and ask them to do the same.

nur's ilmi (my UTM friend)
niksolehah (my high school classmate)
ummitariq (my twin name)
kak mie (my university senior)
wannabbe (my senior doctor)
halawatul iman (my kelantan senior)
nawal (my high school junior)
kak fatimah (my USM senior)

spacedaie (my akhi)
ahmad (my youngest brother)

Fuh! that was hard.. Alhamdulillah finally I've completed the tag. I have to make sure they have not been tagged yet.. hmm waAllahualam, if you guys have been tagged by someone else.. just take it as a reminder:

"And remind (by preaching the Quran, O Muhammad SAW) for verily, the reminding profits the believers.." (Adh-Dhariyat: 55)

May Allah accept this as a prayer.. and choose us to be His faithful and loyal slaves, remember Allah wants to buy back what He has gave us (life, wealth, time...) with Jannah. InsyaALLAH Let us strive for Islam.
"Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allah's Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurah and the Injeel and the Quran. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah? The rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success." (At-Taubah: 111)


Hati perlu ditarbiyah / dididik bersungguh-sungguh
supaya menjadi hati yang hidup,
hati yang sentiasa ada hubungan dengan ALlah S.W.T,
hati yang yakin bahawa kita akan bertemu ALlah,
hati yang yakin bahawa ALlah akan mengira segala amalannya,
hati yang sentiasa mengharapkan rahmat ALlah
dan hati yang takut akan azab ALlah S.W.T.
Bermula dari hati maka ALlah
akan mengubah keadaan hal sesuatu kaum itu
apabila mereka mengubah apa yang ada dalam hati mereka.

Ameen -- 01/02/2007 -- 08:43:10PM

Dub dub… Dub dub…

Slow and Steady.

Soft and Mild…

Are these my heart beats?

Can it be?

Is it true?

From what I have gone through


Young and strong

Was my heart beats

For then, the weather and climax

Were warm with His Blessings and Love

My Blood was boiled.

My heart pumped aloud!

With the ultimate heat of remembrances

Is it cold now?

The heat is not as hot as before…

Is it the Heat?

Or is it the Heart?

It can grow… and get old

But old is wiser with experience and faith.

But old can also mean weak.

Oh heart, the Heat is still there…

How can you not see?

How was it unfelt?

It was and will always be

Where? And how?

Here, with the existence of our Mighty Lord.

The journey is still long…

The heat is still there…

Keep up and stay up.

Where the Heart belongs…

Where He would like it to be...

You can; for through this path,

He is always with you.

Our ultimate return is just around the corner. The last and final return, where there is no way out... no reverse or turn back.. Once gone, there will never be another second chance to repeat or redo what has been done. The question is when and how? Only Allah the Creator knows, but what is confirmed is that we will return back to whom we came from - Back to ALLAH who created us.

Recently, news of the return of our close friends and relatives came one after the other reminding us of our return to Our Master.. I don't know if my analysis is accurate or not, but it seems that I always recieve news of deaths just before the Holy month of Ramadhan. Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun.. Year by year when Ramadhan is approaching, this always crosses my mind... will I have the chance to meet this year's Ramadhan??

All lives are in His Hands...

"Every human being is bound to taste death; and We test you (all) through the bad and the good (things of life) by way of trial: and unto Us you all must return." (21:35)

May Allah accept their amal and place them among those who are pious...

Ummi Halimaton (14 May 2009) - Wife of Ust. Dahlan, Mudir MATRI, my BM teacher...
Bro. Ammar Zulkifli (10 June 2009) - A Medical student at Cairo, Mesir, ex-MATRI student
Dr. Fathi Yakan (13 June 2009) - ulama', writer of islamic books, Maza Ya'ni

Recently updated:
Sir Ghazali Omar (22 July 2009) - one of my English teacher
Cikgu Zainuddin Yusof (9 September 2009) - MATRI KH teacher...

waALlahualam.. when will ALlah call us home?

-- my external hard disk...

Sedih dengan satu kehilangan … Asyik teringat saat manis dan bahagia bersamanya. Hatiku sayu, mungkinkah hatiku tidak menyakini akan janjiNya? Bukankah ALLAH akan menguji mereka yang mampu sahaja..? Adakah aku mampu menghadapi ujian dunia ini? Hati sering kali menafikan… mengapa ALLAH uji sedemikain?

Pahit dan peritnya kehidupan apabila diuji dengan satu kehilangan. 

Namun, ini hanyalah kehilangan dunia. Engkau masih memiliki akhirat yang masih menungu di hujung hayatmu..engkau tidak hilang segala-galanya. Bukankah semua milik Rabbul ‘alamin dan DIA berhak mengambil apa yang dipinjamkan pada bila-bila masa.. bukan pada waktu kita bersedia berpisah dengannya, tapi apabila DIA hendak mengambilnya kembali. 
Ia hanyalah alat dunia yang sememangnya bersifat sementara. Tak akan di bawa ke alam kekal kelak... Pujuklah hati untuk menerima hakikat dunia yang sementara. Akhirat yang kekal selama-lamanya..

Walaupun hanya alat di dunia, tapi ia membantu hatiku memburu akhirat. Ia digunakan untuk merebut kepentingan akhirat. Hatiku inginkan setiap kurniaan ALLAH buatnya akan digunakan sepenuhnya untuk kesenagan di hari kemudian, tidak ada tujuan lain hanya untuk keutamaan Din. Tapi...mungkinkah ada niat lain? Selain demi ALLAH dan RasulNYA? Mungkinkah ia menyimpan sesuatu yang tidak disukai ALLAH? Atau ALLAH hendak menguji adakah hatiku masih berjuang demi Din, bukan dengan adanya sedikit kemudahan dan kenikmatan yang dikurniakanNya ini?  

Sesungguhnya, setiap yang terjadi ada hikmat yang tersembunyi disebaliknya. Berbaik sangkalah dengan ALLAH. DIA Maha Arif dengan keperluan hamba-hambaNYA kerana DIAlah Penciptanya.
Mahupun pada zahir, ia diambil dengan kekejaman dan penganiaan, ia tetap berlaku di dalam perancangan dan keizinanNYA. Ingatlah wahai hati, mereka boleh mencuri alat dunia darimu, tapi tidak sekali-kali alatmu ke akhirat. Mereka boleh pisahkan dunia yang sementara tetapi IMANmu tidak boleh dipisahkan begitu sahaja. Engkau masih punyai IMAN dan ISLAM, sama-sama kurniaanNya, tapi lebih berharga dari dunia seisinya..hargailah sesuatu yang benar-benar membawamu mendekatiNYA. IMAN dan TAQWA adalah bekalanmu ke sana, walau tanpa satu alat dunia, tapi hatimu masih mampu meraih kemenangan hakiki kelak InsyaALLAH. Yaqinlah pada JANJI ALLAH..

Hanya Tawakkal padaNya..

-- my MP3 ....

Dear Notebook,

When something is lost or gone, then we value it more. This is the nature of man, that is hard to be thankful to ALLAH for the nikmats given, being thankful of the life and the scenario drawn by ALLAH. “Apa jua ujian yang ALLAH beri adalah tanda kasih sayang dan perhatianNYA kepada kita…” Yes, a task for HIS slaves to value the things and luxuries HE gave in this world. Are we thankful? Or were we arrogant with the little difference? And forget that everything belongs to the one and only Creator, ALLAH S.W.T.?  

            This is the task, given to those who ALLAH prescribed to be able to face and encounter it. Sometimes the heart refuses to overcome it – feeling weak and bearing in mind that the task is an impossible mission. Oh my heart….

Deep Thinking - Harun Yahya

Have you ever wondered? The moment you open your bedroom window everyday, the surroundings you pass on your way to class, the gardens, the trees around you, our rivers.. are all instances of the ‘Open Book’ that have been widely pictured in front of us.

They are often captured in paintings and cameras; displayed on the walls, albums and computer screens. With no boundaries, nature seizes the clear evidence of God. These are indications that refer to the signs, hidayah and guidance from the Creator. The ‘Open Book’ has been composed in such a way to make its readers understand what the Author meant.  Similarly, with the presence of sincerity and hidayah from Allah, researchers, artists and authors eventually find truth, the al-Haq of life.

            Have you ever watched T.V programs such as Discovery Channel or National Geography or read the Encyclopedia of Science and Universe? These are some efforts to record nature. The impact we gain from the astonishment created by the beauties of nature, the unique system of the universe, the art in each creation that competes to survive and the variety of flora and fauna unfortunately leads to nothing. The enchantment ends as the program ends. The excitement ends as the book is closed. Have you ever wondered why?

            Signs such as these can only touch the Hearts that have links with The Creator of the Universe -- Allah swt. Those who ponder on these creations will find their faith in Him strengthened. Our observations towards nature must initiate from our Iman. And by that, our faith is alive, energetic and fertilized. Yet, the efforts now are zero for they are void of the linkage between faith and God.

            Therefore respected nature book lovers, a book that thrives to combine nature and link it to its Creator, is special. We are always keen to read books that have quality pictures or those that have realistic fiction. Nevertheless, this is more out of the ordinary, with precise and convincing facts and analysis. The most important necessity is that it is capable to relate our hearts with the Creator and Sustainer of Nature itself.

            This line of thinking is the expertise of Harun Yahya in his books -- DEEP THINKING, for men of understanding.  This Turkish author arranges his writings more exotically  compared to the National Geography or Readers Digest because of the link to the nature’s Creator.  Also included in this book are clear, accurate pictures capturing nature. The elaborations are faith-related issues explained in the light of the Qur’anic verses and invite its readers to learn Allah's words and to live by them. All the subjects that concern Allah's verses are in such a way as to leave no room for doubt or question marks in the reader's mind.

            The sincere, plain and fluent style ensures that everyone of all age and from all walks of life, and all levels of educational background can easily understand the contents of this book. This effective and clear storyline makes it possible to read in a single sitting. Even those who reject spirituality are influenced by the facts recorded in these books and cannot counter the truthfulness of its contents.

            There are 5 chapters excluding the introduction and conclusion, discussing solely on thinking in the guided way. You will not find, as in some other books, the personal views of the author, explanations based on questioning sources, styles that are unobservant of the respect and reverence due to sacred subjects, nor hopeless, doubt-creating, and pessimistic accounts that create deviations in the heart.

            In conclusion, this book is ideal to be owned by every individual, especially Muslims. Owning this book will chip in to uncover the secrets of this universe. “A day is at hand when those who today avoid seeing the truth by thinking will come to think, and moreover, ‘think deeply and meditate’ and see the truth bright clear” Harun Yahya. With a clear understanding of the truth behind what we see, hear and feel, we can identify the truth ourselves; how very small and tiny we are in the eyes of Allah swt. Read, in the name of your Lord, the Creator and Guardian of everything.

Colours of Islam - Dawud Wharnsby Ali

ALLAH made us all a different shade and colour
Nations and tribes recognize one another
Cuz every single muslim is ur sister and brother
So many different colours of islam

Fill the world with colour paint it everywhere u go
paint everything u see and tell everyone u know
Quran will be ur paint and ur brush will be imaan
so fill the world with colour every colour of islam

Truth is clear and blue as the sky we walk under
Love is bright and loud as the lightning and thunder
Peace is pure and white as the moon so full of wonder
So many different colours of islam

Fill the world with colour paint it everywhere u go
paint everything u see and tell everyone u know
Quran will be ur paint and ur brush will be imaan
so fill the world with colour every colour of islam

Smile is warm and shining like the sun upon our faces
Hope is rich and green as the trees of an oasis
The colours of islam bloom in so many places
So many different colours of islam

Fill the world with colour paint it everywhere u go
paint everything u see and tell everyone u know
Quran will be ur paint and ur brush will be imaan
so fill the world with colour every colour of islam ... 3x

Fill the world with colour every colour of islam!

Pass it on..

Jawablah telepon dengan menggunakan telinga sebelah kiri...
minumlah obat dengan tidak menggunakan air dingin...
makanlah makanan ringan setelah jam 6 malam bukan makanan berat...
minum lebih banyak air pada pagi hari, minum lebih sedikit pada malam hari...
jam tidur yang paling baik adalah jam 10 malam sehingga jam 5 pagi...
jangan terlalu cepat berbaring setelah minum obat...
ketika battery HP tinggal satu bar,
jangan angkat telepon karena radiasi meningkat hingga 100 kali lipat...!

Teruskan pesan ini ke orang-orang yang kita sayangi... :L
dan yakinlah bahwa kebaikan hati... tak akan pernah merugikan kita.


Credits to | Afiqah Sajidah binti Mohd Fauzi, YM

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