Have you heard the recent issues on the Big Day "Al-Qiyamah" was predicted to be on that day - 21 December 2012.

'WaALlahu'alam' I would say.

So what are our preparations?
Truly, every single date and day are for us to 'Muhasabah', recheck our deeds, our amals... and especially our 'NIAT's because they all gives impact on our 'balance of Good Deeds'.
If is was to be that day.. How about our current work? our current efforts?

I read from one of the Hadis from the book writen by Muhammad Qutb,

“Sekiranya berlaku kiamat sedangkan di tangan salah seorang kamu ada benih tamar dan dia berupaya menanamnya sebelum kiamat. Maka hendaklah dia menanamnya, dengan itu dia mendapat pahala.”
(HR: Al-Bukhari)

The simple conclusion would be to just continue your efforts in whatever work or amal you are doing and don't forget to preserve your 'NIAT' or intentions.

Happy doing more good deeds!
May Allah Bless.

And Allah S.W.T is All-Knowing.

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