-- scan at week 17

MasyaALLAH! a magical experience... for the pass 4 months, I went through hardships of the 'all-day sickness' and now I can see the visualization of the baby. It was a remarkable scene - Praise be to Allah. A man-to-be inside my tummy...... Even when the doctor pressed my tummy a bit hard, I could ignore the pain and adore the beautiful creation in the screen.. Allah designed man as the His best creation. The creation and the process is so beautiful and preserved within the guidelines of Islam.

"Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould) ...." (Surah At-Tin: 4)

I could see the little one moving. SubhanALlah! I could see his small face (as in the picture) even though not in details but the black and white picture gives me Hope and Faith in His promises... I could see his two legs and arms.. May Allah design him with the best akhlaq and select him to be His pious slave..

I would like to quote a Week-by-week guide to Pregnancy for Week 17,


17 weeks pregnant

You may be gaining weight rapidly at this point, even if you're not eating much. Experts say that the amount of weight you put on during pregnancy is dictated primarily by your genes, so don't necessarily blame yourself if the weight's accumulating faster than you'd like. Your baby's movements are felt as a gentle,fluttering sensation at first, but get stronger and more obvious as time passes. Some babies kick vigorously and often, others are quieter. And many seem most active at night!

Thank you Allah...
Each and every little experience He gave me...
Are more attraction and strength
for me to Praise and Submit to Him more.

"Our Rabb! and make us both Muslims to You, and from our offspring a nation Muslims to You, and show us our ways of dedication, and turn towards us. You indeed, You are the oft-Returning, most Rewarding." (Surah Al-Baqarah:128)

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