Hush little baby, pure and small, He created you he created us all.
Hush little baby, don’t you feel, We are never alone when Allah is so near.
Hush little baby, breathing so calm, He protect us all and keep us from harm.
Hush little baby, still and serene, you are a Muslim, Islam, is your deen. 


Complete Song....

Hush little baby, pure and small
He created you, He created us all
Hush little baby, don’t you fear
We’re never alone when Allah’s so near
Hush little, breathing so calm
He’ll protect us all and keep us from harm
Hush little baby, still and serene
You are a Muslim, Islam’s your din (x2)

Source: Zain Bikha

BismiLlahir Rahmanir Rahim

Strong Boy have been going to playgroups and preschool in UK. This is our third week here. Alhamdulillah. I adore their early childhood education that utilizes their playing skills. They say "these children will be in school and learning for a very long time." - so let them play while they can, I suppose. Strong Boy loves going to preschool. But.....

I'm really worried of his aqeeda. Even though it seems that I still have time to re-polish it but currently he remembers the nursery rhymes sung at school rather than the Al-Faatihah read to him every night since he was small.

Allahu Akbar! May Allah protect us. InsyaALLAH I plan to collect as many of the Muslim Nursery Rhymes as possible here. Also as a preparation of the next Baby F coming..

(Tune of "I'm A Little Teapot")

I'm a little Muslim, brave and strong.
Here is my heart and here is my song,
i will fight for Allah all life long.
Never, ever will i do wrong!

(Tune of "Row Row Your Boat")

Do, do, do good deeds,
Many as you can.
Verily, verily, verily,
Do what god commands.

Go, go, go and see,
What good you can do.
Surely, surely, surely,
Allah rewards you.


Oh, make me humble,
never ever grumble.
Please make me greatful for what i've earned
Make me remember,
to You i surrender
And to you we shall all be returned. 


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