What strange miracles are there?

As to me, I know of nothing else but what I see;

Whether I walk through the streets of Beseri…

Or dart my sight over the roof-tops of the houses;

Or stand under the trees around Bukit Tunjung;

Or sit at a dinner talam with the rest…

Or by looking at strangers passing by the main gates;

Or birds flying in the evening sunset from the window;

Or the stars shining so quiet and bright under Dataran Aspuri...

These with the rest, one and all…

Are to me – miracles;

The whole thing each existence and in its place;

To me… every hour of the light and dark is a miracle;

Every tiny inch of space is a miracle;

Every square distance of earth's surface is a miracle

Every cubic depth of the blue sea is a miracle;

But…have we ever wondered and explored

…The Miracle responsible of all these miracles?

In memory: Pantai Medeka, 1999

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