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Alhamdulillah... Praise is only to You, for giving me the chance to feel and go through what mothers have been going through.. in other words.. He has given me the chance to become a MOTHER..

Being just a humble slave, as every stage of my life - from a toddler to a teenager.. and finally into an adult - passes by, I thought Allah was going to call me earlier.. but He knows BEST..

He gave me the chance to become a teenager - to think and choose, what and who I want to be..
He gave me the chance to reach adulthood - to utilize my strength for amal islami... to be a worker
and now he has chosen me to wait a few more days to be titled "a MOTHER"

Mother.. not just a nurse or a doctor to my baby,
but the most important role is a Murabbi, a teacher, an example to the little one.
They are your "Personal Mad'u"s..

May Allah guide me through.

Some advices to face the Day:

"Kena mindsetting bersalin tak sakit ttp nikmat dan proses yg perlu utk lahirkan rijal/ulamak/mujihad dan ready utk terus breastfeed..." - Makcik Norliza

"Hanya Allah yang bersama kita mase bersalin nanti, samada akhi di sisi atau tak..." - K. Amirah

"Banyakkan minum air kelapa dan macam biasa, banyakkan baca quran dan berdoa.." - Noor Laila

"Minta ayahnya berunding masa dan bagaimana nak lahir..." - K. Asfa

*Thank you for all the advices.. there are more... insyaALLAH i'll try to put them into words.

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