Have you ever thought…. ??

Why Prophet Ibrahim left his beloved wife and son in the middle of the hot desert?

Why the Mother and Prophet Ismail obeyed without any fuss?

Why Hajar ran from Safra and Marwa to search for water to give to her son?

Why Prophet Ibrahim was ordered to slaughter Prophet Ismail?

Why he had difficulties to accomplish the mission?

Why Prophet Ismail was prepared?

Why did he respond: “Father, do what you have been ordered to do. You shall find me, God willing, among the patient".

Why Prophet Ibrahim fulfilled the command and ALLAH grant them a sheep from Heaven?

Why Muslims spend so much effort and money to perform their Hajj – while Hajj is actually ‘a path to the Hereafter’?

It’s all because of LOVE…


LOVE to our loved ones; family and friends..

LOVE among Muslims…

ALLAH’s tests are indicators of HIS LOVE

Tests of Submission and Obedience..

He gave us Eid-ul Adha because of LOVE

Eid-ul Adha; the Feast of Sacrifice..

Praise be to Allah S.W.T…

For this feast of commitment, obedience and self-sacrifice to Him

For the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today are the results of the sacrifices of those before us…

For our only sacrifice is to seek HIS LOVE…

Feel the POWER of LOVE!

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