-- Strong Boy's little hand with his new habit

SubhanALlah Allah All-Aware has given me the chance to blog again.

The last post was in February MasyaAllah! That is nearly a whole year gone..

Since I am separated from any lappy I though there was no way to blog again. After a brief survey of mobile Blogger Apps this morning, I chosed Blogaway App.

Influenced by my recent readings I just though I should start writing again. Another factor that I have stopped writing (on the internet) was I don't know why I hate to write on facebook! Maybe I'm not the exposing-all type of a writer haha.

Must improve right? Because I know I have to SPREAD THE DEVINE WORD!
Anyhow InsyaAllah I wish to take note of the recent things that influenced me to start again;

1.  We (Hubby and me) read a statement on Flip board about a well known artis or entertainer who wrote something like "hello blog goodbye facebook". This gave me the idea of shifting my dislikes of writing on facebook and start writing somewhere elso - my blog! Alhamdulillah.

2. Another thing was I have so many things lingering in this little head that Allah has given me and I need to spell it out! I am also motivated by  Strong Boy's new habit of typing his name everywhere, everything mobile and to everyone of his name.

Thank you Allah swt for every thing!

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