- the 5 basic words of our babies

Alhamdulillah Praise is for Allah swt. who gave me the chance to practice this knowledge. The first time I heard about this was from my friends which was the clip from the Oprah show. That time Strong Boy as already a toddler with his own language that we both understand.

Now with the new baby Joyful Beauty,  I can try out this language. So far I can understand and respond to her needs of 'EH' and 'EAIRH'. Poor thing.. Wanna know what they mean? Let's watch these videos.

Lesson 1 - 1

Word 'NEH' 03:10
Word 'OWH' 05:10
Word 'EH' 08:10

Lesson 1 - 2

Solutions for
'NEH', 01:10
'OWH', 02:10
'EH', 03:48

Lesson 2

Word 'EAIRH', 00:33
Word 'HEH', 02:53

Solution 'EAIRH', 05:36
Solution 'HEH', 07:03

They also have a website here, DBL.


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