Dub dub… Dub dub…

Slow and Steady.

Soft and Mild…

Are these my heart beats?

Can it be?

Is it true?

From what I have gone through


Young and strong

Was my heart beats

For then, the weather and climax

Were warm with His Blessings and Love

My Blood was boiled.

My heart pumped aloud!

With the ultimate heat of remembrances

Is it cold now?

The heat is not as hot as before…

Is it the Heat?

Or is it the Heart?

It can grow… and get old

But old is wiser with experience and faith.

But old can also mean weak.

Oh heart, the Heat is still there…

How can you not see?

How was it unfelt?

It was and will always be

Where? And how?

Here, with the existence of our Mighty Lord.

The journey is still long…

The heat is still there…

Keep up and stay up.

Where the Heart belongs…

Where He would like it to be...

You can; for through this path,

He is always with you.

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