I am a student

cannot escape from tasks and duties

that evaluates my quality

and grades me A, B, C or D



where I learn new things

the concepts and theories

to be practiced practically



some questions to be answered

with ample time and references

and friends to discuss with



the practical education

to explain and prove theories

speculating hypothesis and conclusions



a little test with tricky questions

with limited time and no references

and discussion is prohibited



a harder and longer quiz

more chapters covered

double trouble with mid- and final exams


I am a slave

cannot run away from life’s hardships

because I am evaluated by the Al-Mighty

to determine my destiny

Heaven or Hell?


Each life’s advice is the lecture

each responsibility is the assignment

each incident is a laboratory test

each hardship is a quiz

death is our mid-examination

and the Day of Judgment is the final exam. 

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