What is this life? – full of everything…

Do we have time to stand and stare?

When everything desires your time…

Every sixty one seconds of a minute

Every sixty one minutes of an hour

Every twenty five hours of a day

Every eight days of a week

And two hundred and fifty six days of a year

Stole your time to sit and stare…


No time to stand beneath the coconut trees

  And stare as far as beyond the seas…

No time to see, what meadows you pass

   Where birds flutter numbers of eight…

No time to blink at the colourful flowers

  Which the bees are so fond of...

No time to telescope the broad sky

  That is scattered with stars and meteors...

No time to turn to Baby’s giggle

  And watch her play with her toys...

No time to wait for Mama’s mouth

  To enrich that loving smile...

No time to sit beside Papa

  For a heart to heart chat

No time to evaluate My reflections

  To improve and prepare for the next step.


A poor life this is;

Lack of chances to think and ponder

Void of love and care for each other

No special time with yourself

No special time with the One and Only

  The Al-Mighty ALLAH

For we have no time to sit and stare.


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