The search for the best name of our 2nd child had given us the chance to know this special figure. The criteria for our children's name was to start with the letter "F" and if possible taken from an Islamic figure.

Muhammad Al-Fateh was chosen to be the name of our Strong Boy. Alhamdulillah.

Female Islamic figures were very hard to find. Even harder when the first letter has to be an "F". Alhamdulillah my brother introduced me to this name - Faree'ah Binti Malik.

So these are the search results:

1 |  The first article I read was specifically about her. She was a sahabiyah.

The Prophet(SAWS)said: "Whosoever participated in the Ridwan, are the holders of Paradise. Faree'ah (R Anha) participated in the pledge of Ridwan,so she is a lady or Paradise.

She was the daughter of the great Companion, Malik bin Sinan bin 'Obaid Ansari Khudri (R A. It was about her that the Prophet (SAWS)said: "Whosoever wants to see a person of Paradise, then they should look a t her."

Faree'ah bint Malik (R Anha)was married to Sahi bin Rafi' bin Bashir Khazraji. He was killed by some of his slaves near Al-Madinah. This tragedy left her grief-stricken. After the murder of her husband she wanted to go back to her parents' house. She consulted the Prophet (SAWS) as to what course of action was permitted by the Shari'ah, and if she could do so. He said that she should continue to stay in her house till she completed the perscribed waiting period. It should be noted that when a woman's husband dies she should observe a period of mourning for four months and ten days.

Faree'ah bint Malik (R Anha) says that she obeyed the Prophet(SAWS) and stayed in her house for the prescribed period, and after that she devoted her full life to the service and propagation ot Islam. She was one of those who took part in the Bai'at Ridhwan. The Prophet (SAW) said about these people that none of them would go to Hell. In other words, they would all go to Paradise.

During the caliphate of 'Uthman bin 'Affan(R A)a lady's husband died. The matter of her place of residence during the period of her 'Iddat came under consideration. Faree'ah bint Malik (R Anha) was summoned to the court of the caliph. She was asked what the Prophet(SAW)had told her when she was in a similar situation regarding the place where she should pass the period of 'lddat. What she said was accepted in the court and applied to the lady in question.

Faree'ah bint Malik(R Anha) had a very good memory. If she heard the command of the Prophet (SAW) even once, she would immediately learn it and retain it in her memory. In their study of traditions and Ahadith, many great scholars would approach her for authentication or reference. Especially in the matter of observance of 'lddat; she has the distinction of being the predominant authority regarding the rules to be observed.  

The article continues here, [LINK].

2 |  Her full name is Faree'ah / Kabsha bint Malik bin Sinin b. 'Ubaid b. Tha'laba b. 'Ubaid b. al-Abjar (Khudra) b. 'Auf.

Her areas of interest were Recitation (Quran), Narrator and Fiqh.

I found from a Muslim Scholar Database here, [LINK]

3 |  A book I referred to was "Great Women of Islam" by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar.

Her title was "lady of Paradise".

The Book in PDF. [LINK]

4 |  Meaning of Faree'ah from "Quranic Names"

Meaning of Fareea

Fareea, pronounced with a pause at the end, as in Faree-ah, is an indirect Quranic name for girls and the name of some of the Sahabiyaat (pious women who lived at the time of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him and his companions). The meaning of Fareea is “tall”, “slim”, “woman with beautiful long hair”. It is derived from the F-R-Ain (branch, breadth) root which is used in the Quran in 14:24:

"Have you not considered how Allah sets forth a parable of a good word (being) like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in heaven"

To 'malaysianize' and to avoid the " ' " in the name... we had chosen,

Farihah, فريحة - "happy, joyful, cheerful" 

Mardhiyyah, مرضية - "a woman whom Allah is pleased with, and who herself is content and pleased with her situation" from her title 'Lady of the Paradise' which meant that she is pleased by ALlah swt.

Also from the Quranic Names website, we also found the verses that they referred to for the meaning,

"They are joyful because of what God has bestowed on them…" (Quran 3:170)

"Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him]" (Quran 89:28)

**InsyaALLAH documented with references to ease the process of naming the coming children..


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