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MUHASABAH - in search of the patches of experiences in our lives to be dissolved and improved

We cannot live on this earth with no laws. No orders. No judgments. Free. We will tend to do anything and waste our short live here. Not to forget, the angles are jotting down 'every letter that we say' and do. Thus, what we need is Muhasabah (self evaluation) of every good and bad deeds that we've done. Hopefully we are not surprised of what will be laid in front of us on the Day of Judgment.
Al-Quranil Kareem,
"O ye who believe! Fear God, and let every soul look to what (provision) He has sent forth for the morrow." (Al-Hasyr: 18)
Ibn Kathir explains the ayah above as, judge yourselve before you are judged! Look and evaluate at your good deeds that you have gather to be presented to Allah... Remember, Allah knows all your actions and conditions! Nothing is unknown by Him.

Hadis narrated by Tirmizi from Rasulullah s.a.w mentioned about sensible people evaluate themselves and prepare for death. While, those who are weak follow their own desires and dream for Allah.

Umar al-Kathab r.a. : "Hisablah diri kalian sebelum kalian dihisab dan timbanglah diri kalian sebelum kalian ditimbang, kerana kalian lebih mudah menghisab diri kalian hari ini daripada kelak! (it is easier to evaluate ourselves now rather then Then - the Day of Hisab) Bersiaplah untuk menghadapi pertemuan terbesar. Ketika itu, kalian dipertemukan dengan Allah dan tidak ade sesuatu apa pun pada kalian yang tersembunyi."

Al-Hassan Al-Basri: "Seseorg sentiasa baik selagi ia punya penasihat dirinya sendiri dan muhasabah menjadi keinginannya." (we can be good or soleh, as long as we have the desire to muhasabah)

Let us look back our footsteps through this path and make the next step after thinking and evaluating the steps before. Make sure the next step we take leads to Allah s.w.t and His Redha (ultimate forgiveness).

[Tarbiyah Dzatiyah, Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Aidan]

Allahu Ma'ie, Allahu Naadzari, Allahu Syaahidi..
Allah is watching me. Allah is my witness. Allah is with me!

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