-- mama, plz pray for us

Today I lose a daughter

But today I gain a son

I welcome both of you

To our family

We lead a simple life

In our family there are no expensive clothes

In our family you can not see expensive furniture

We do not have lavish styles

Because simplicity is our policy

We can afford it

But lavishness is not our way of life.

Besides there are extended families to feed

And there is the whole Ummah to support

It is not going to be the same for both of you after today

A home is not made for you

But a home is one that both of you build together

In building a home

There are things you agree

There are things you disagree

For things you agree, cooperate

For things you disagree, compromise

Always start with a positive footing

Create understanding

Always communicate

Practice tolerance

Have trust in one another

Above all

Allah, Allah’s pleasures

And everything that Allah pleases

Is what we should uphold.


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