In love?

Are you in love? LOVE is a pleasure; love is happiness and peace. Love makes your days blossom with flowers of merriment and flourish in beauty. It gives extraordinary power to strive on even though nothing is left. It pours calm and homely comforts to the soul… With love, life is destined to continue; "I can live on because of him…" Life is meaningful because of love. The power of love brings you gliding through the clouds on a flying carpet ride. Everything seems right, perfect and complete with the presence of love. Love is the secret behind the writers of love letters and romantic poems. Love is the hero of sacrifices eternally made throughout time.

Our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) highlighted love - Narrated by Abu Dharr: The prophet said: "The BEST of all actions is to LOVE for the sake of ALLAH and to hate for the sake of ALLAH" (Abu Dawud).

But wait! What about our love story with the "Number One Lover"? HE, who should be number one in all priorities of love of a Muslim. Have you ever wondered about it? Have you ever given a thought about this LOVE? Do you have this love? Are your sure of that love? Is it true that you love ALLAH more than anything? Allah … He who created man with LOVE and tender…

This is the actual strength that reshapes all your desires and feelings. This is the genuine strength that provides soul to everything that you are attracted to and have affection for. It becomes significant and it carries weight. You will never ever be rejected by this lover. This lover gives the best for His admirers, for this love is real. He is always there, watching and protecting His lovers from dawn to dusk, 25 hours a day and 8 days a week. He provides help to all needy. His bounties never run out. His helps are guaranteed. Ask and you will be given.

Do you realize that He really loves you? Why can't we love Him with all our hearts? Is there any uncertainty with His love, for all this while He is giving us health and wealth? Look around you and feel His love within. Your sight, taste, feelings and intelligence are out of His generosity. Above all, He gave us IMAN and ISLAM – the prime nikmat (gifts) of all.

Narrated by Anas: The Prophet said: "Whoever possesses the following three qualities will have the delights of faith: the one to whom ALLAH and His Apostle love dearer than anything else; the one who loves or hates a person only for the sake of ALLAH and one who hates to revert to Atheism (disbelief) in the same manner as he hates to be thrown into the hellfire" (Sahih Bukhari).

There is no significant love other than ALLAH's. Loving ALLAH is everything to a Mukmin as this love cannot be compared to any love on earth. Deep in the hearts of His lovers is the dire hope to see The Beloved One on the Ultimate day.

Seeking ALLAH’s love,

Ummu Salamah

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