-- have you got this sticker?

"Boycott will not affect Zionis, I repeat, boycott will not affect Zionis but it will affect you, the degree of your love and concern to your brothers and sisters" - Dr. Syed Haleem (Mavi Marmara Hero).

"It's not about (the) boycott, it's about love" - Ameen Misran (Langit Ilahi).

My PLAN to save our Muslim relatives there:

1. Pray, pray and everlasting prayer.
2. Fast + Mustajab Prayer
3. Steadfast, hard working and must enjoy in my studies.
4. Be a good Muslim example to others (especially to Strong Boy).
5. Encourage Hubby and Strong Boy to become a 'Mujahid Rangers'
6. Initiate an Islamic Child Education Center to educate the children of my Muslim friends to become 'Super Mujahid Muslims'.

Let HIM give the strength to uphold these targets to gain HIS Redo.

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    si merah padi said...

    would want to try some of your plan too fatma.
    it is the least that we can do.

    p/s:how's masters going on.?hope everything went on smoothly.

  1. ... on Thursday, November 22, 2012 11:13:00 PM  
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